Jeffrey D. Rubens

Senior Vice President, Investments

Mission Statement

With careful consideration, after 25 years at another financial services firm, I decided in 2007 to relocate my practice to Raymond James & Associates and accepted the position of Senior Vice President of Investments at the new Dadeland branch in Miami.   In 2009, I obtained the Investment Management Consultant designation through Raymond James.*  

Many factors contributed to my decision. I want you to join me at a firm that provides excellent service and research, as well as more flexibility in investments and account types. For myself, I wanted to continue to work in a small, sophisticated office in my hometown of 37 years.

Changes in the brokerage industry have created a relatively uniform client experience among major firms. The firms have grown, the service has become depersonalized, and the investment program is typically a very standardized platform. Additionally, there is a concerted drive to enhance corporate profitability at the expense of the client through higher fees, proprietary products and most recently reducing the yields on money market deposits. This is not consistent with my ethic as a traditional "customer's man." I work with Raymond James, and together, I believe we can strive to achieve your goals better than ever.

Most of you have known me for many years, and understand my philosophy of customer service and my commitment to your financial success. I invite you to continue our relationship at Raymond James.

Raymond James was founded on the principle that the client must always come first, consistent with my practice. In addition to client service, Raymond James is a leader in investment due diligence, research, and financial planning, a combination of our best efforts to help you attain your financial goals.

Please feel free to contact me at 305-670-0056 or 800-709-1793 at your earliest convenience. My assistant is MaQui Snitzer at 305-670-0650.

I look forward to our continued partnership in investing.





*The Investment Management Consultant designation is awarded to those who complete the Raymond James Institute of Investment Management Consulting program.